Hospital & medical sector

Gas Monitoring: Hospitals

 hospital environment raises the risk threshold for an employee and indeed members of the public to exposure from toxic and combustible gases. Identifiable risk areas include gas bottle storage facilities, anaesthetic gases, combustible gases in boiler plant rooms and kitchens, refrigerant gases in air conditioning systems, oxygen pipelines and access points, formalin and formaldehyde in histology labs. Consider also the potential risk from carbon monoxide and NOx gases at ambulance bays. Kimessa offer solutions for each of these risk areas including low range sensors for gases such as formaldehyde and NOx.

Centmark Systems also offer a range of portable exhaled breath and gas monitoring devices for use in the medical sector. These devices can be used for smoking cessation programs, screening for carbon monoxide poisoning, the analysis of airway inflammation for the control of asthma as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

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