Gas Monitoring: Residential

The ever increasing use of gas appliances in residential premises in South Africa has increased the awareness around the risks that these appliances pose. These risks are the possibility of gas leaking around the appliance as well as the build-up of carbon monoxide gas in the area in which the appliance is situated. Carbon monoxide gas is referred to as the silent killer as it can not be smelled, tasted or seen and is a bi-product of incomplete combustion.

The GAMMA 654 gas detector will detect either methane or LPG gas depending on which model is chosen. These devices provide an optical and acoustic signal when the presence of these gases are detected in the environment and they can also be connected to external systems such as home alarm systems by using the built in relay output. These devices are either 12vdc or 220vac powered and are not available in a battery option.

The BETA 762 CO gas detector will detect the presence of carbon monoxide in the area in which it is installed  and will provide an optical and acoustic signal during the presence of the gas. The device is battery operated and is fully stand-alone. This device is a must have for all households with gas or wood burning appliances installed and is ideal for guest houses wishing to conform with the international regulations.

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