Water treatment

Gas Monitoring: Water Treatment

The Ex rating of the monitoring zone determines the type of sensor used: The KSP 121 Ex is used for zone 2. For Zone 1 the explosion-proof gas sensor GSPM121 Ex (pellistor) or the GSIM 1100 Ex (infra-red) is used.

The gas monitor triggers a strobe light and an alarm sounder to signal a gas alarm. Strobe lights and audible alarms should be installed close to the hazard zone to alert plant operatives and the safety officer to evacuate and or proceed with caution.

Touch screens can be mounted at the entrance for visualization and rapid gas monitoring data checks. All measurement data and events are recorded and can be reproduced and analysed at all times.

With the Plug’n Play capable Web server CWS 101 “Easylog” gas concentrations are visualized in real time on a computer network, enabling events such as alarms or faults to be sent by email to the responsible personnel.

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