Car park air monitoring

Fixed gas detection technology at the highest standard

//Final Kimessa Canline gas controller
// Final Kimessa underground car park air monitoring 1
// Final Kimessa safe area gas detector

Kimessa underground car park air monitoring

CO/NO2 measurement and control systems are therefore standard equipment in underground car parks and bus parking garages to regulate air quality and protect personnel. Energy efficient control of ventilation systems, safety and air quality are critical requirements in the provision of a gas monitoring system for underground car parks and garages. The new generation of versatile CANline gas monitor control units are a cost effective solution for small and large installations. Precise and selective measurement is a prerequisite for the best results.

Innovative and tailored design of the CANline gas monitor enables versatile, convenient control of the ventilation system.

Individual ventilation protocols are created with user selected Kimessa control programs. The integrated fan activation and deactivation time delays prevent premature fan activation due to locally elevated CO concentrations (petrol vehicles) or NO2 concentrations (diesel vehicles). The quality and accuracy of CO/NO2 measurement is dependent on the detector measuring
principle. KIMESSA CO/NO2 gas sensors are equipped with a selective electrochemical sensing element. This guarantees an effective optimum operation of the ventilation system while maintaining the required safety threshold from vehicle exhaust fumes.

//Final Inosent Easy gas monitor

Inosent Easy stand-alone car park monitor

The Easy product line is as simple as it is ingenious: this stand-alone gas detector also has the functionality of a control device. This is a simple, high-quality, compact solution for small systems. The Easy product line can be ordered for use with most detectable gases and programmed for the normal alarm limits. The Easy product line offers two built in relay contacts, an alarm sounder and a flashing light. The stand-alone gas detector can be used with 230 VAC or 24 VDC and features analogue as well as digital output signals.

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