Medical gas detection

Fixed gas detection technology at the highest standard

// Final Gastrolyzer Gastro+

Gastrolyzer Gastro+

Breath hydrogen monitoring to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders

//Final Smokerlyzer ico

Smokerlyzer iCO

The World’s First Smokerlyzer® Breath CO Monitor For Your Smartphone/Tablet

//Final Smokerlyzer Micro+

Smokerlyzer Micro+

CO breath and foetal %COHb %FCOHb monitor to help people stop smoking

//Final Smokerlyzer Pico

Smokerlyzer Pico

Breath CO monitor to help stop smoking

//Final Smokerlyzer Pico Baby

Smokerlyzer Pico Baby

Breath CO monitoring for pregnant women to help them stop smoking.

//Final ToxCO


Quick, easy & non-invasive screening for CO poisoning

//Final Kimessa Canline gas controller

Kimessa Canline gas controller

  • The gas detector is part of the digital KIMESSA CANline BUSNetwork
    which is designed for up to 128 gas detectors and
    alarming units.
  • The CANline 32+ may be connected to a total of 32 digital sensors along with 6 of relay cards.
  • 3 CANline-Bus-Expander cards may be connected for an additional 3×32 digital sensors inputs giving a total of 128 sensors
  • Maximum of 128 relays may be connected (6 Relay cards on the CANline 32+ and 3×6 relay cards on the CANline-Bus- Expander)

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